Saturday, September 20, 2014

Book Review: Not Just One Title, Here Are A Couple Of Publisher Picks LEONAUR and RAMBLE HOUSE

Readers tend to fall into one of four camps:

First, those who, no matter what, are committed to contemporary writers. These fans consider these     modern writers to be more relevant, fresh and innovative; more hip to the times even though they are a changing.

Second, those who, no matter what are committed to delving back to the roots of their genre, to read the obscure and not so obscure scribes who influenced the contemporary.

Third, those who read both in order to get the full experience.

And finally, fourth, those who like just the pictures. Pop-up volumes make them orgasmic.

I am not going to discuss the fourth group. I might get in trouble for a variety of reasons.

Publishers too tend to fall into these categories catering to their prime customer base. Such is the market, specialties and loyalties lying mainly with either their first love or the new ‘hottie’ that has bounced into their office.

My preference is well documented. I cannot deny that I am attracted to ‘new hotties’. After all I am a healthy and red blooded bibliophile. But I have to admit that my heart, curiosity and sympathies truly do lie with the forgotten, the near forgotten and those who bucked the landscape in earlier times to give birth to the genres I love.

I study these writers and their style. As I break down their work I gain a certain level of insight into my own psyche in charting how my literary cubby hole has been shaped.

This is why today I review not one book but two publishers of books who catalogs are readily accessible and affordable. Today we say something about two publishers who have rescued treasures from the moldy and dusty paper piles of the fading past.

Leonaur is a book junkies dream covering both fiction and non-fiction; science fiction, history, crime and horror.

If you are into warfare, they have almost five centuries of classic texts.

If you are into Horror/Weird Stories there are complete collections upon collections of tales of Mary Shelley, Robert W. Chambers, Bram Stoker, Edward Bulwer Lytton, Willkie Collins, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and on. For this genre Leonaur has not only walked in the shadow of Arkham but has outdone Arkham by light years.

For science fiction; there are collections of works of the early tales of Jack London, Stanley Weinbaum and other pulp favorites.

The detective/crime offerings enjoy the adventures of Philo Vance, Elk of the Yard and Max Carrados as well as other lesser known Sherlock Holmes’ contemporaries.

These offerings are fun, innovative, and well worth the investment.

Ramble House is likewise driven with marvelous rescued collections and selections from Dr. David H. Keller, Basil Wells, Hugh Cave, Sax Rohmer, M. P. Shiel and John Surratt—yes THAT John Surratt, amongst others.

There is also modern fare as well; Kudos to Fender Tucker who not only is Ramble House, but is fine writer himself.

But what is most exciting is Ramble House’s mastery of the works of Harry Stephen Keeler. If you don’t know that name, well get working on it. Web Theory concerning plot is something we see as the central heart of Bizarro Literature and Harry Stephen Keeler is certainly a forbearer of the genre. The practitioners and ‘originators’ will most likely deny this, but the parallels are uncanny.

Keeler’s full works are here at a fair price. Try to buy a first edition on eBay or any book auction/seller site and you will pay through the nose.

Stop here and get the guts.

Their links are listed below. Browse them and buy, buy, buy.

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