Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Book Review: No, it’s Book REVIEWS—Three Apocalyptic Novels We Just Never Got To Before

We get a lot of books. I mean a lot of books. Unfortunately we just don’t get around to all of them. Well we do when writers and publishers send them to us in advance of their publication date. In other words we try to be as timely as possible for you, the reader.

I admit I do prioritize my list. I love to be right there on opening night, good or fair and I believe you do too.

But there are other books. These are mainly recommendations from friends or interesting things we find while browsing. Not that we short change them or take them for granted. We just get a lot of books and as a normal practice we try to spotlight the better ones when we can.

So in the spirit of Fall Cleaning I bring you three apocalyptic fests; and zombies good and bad. These are books sitting on our shelves and in our Kindles; overlooked but always intended to be brought to you. Here are three with short reviews:

“Winds Of Change” by Jason Brannon, Permuted Press, 2011, Kindle Edition.

A fast read novella with parallels to Stephen King’s “The Mist”, it is full of biblical imagery that unfortunately telegraphs the ending. While the story captures the confusion of people trapped in an emergency situation it delivers a still creative ending far sooner than it should. This is a fair book.

“Eaters” by Michelle DePaepe, Permuted Press, 2012, Kindle Edition.

This is the first of what has become a series. Overall, this is an interesting tale that seems to overly center on and develop the main character. Supporting cast members while quite active, appear one dimensional. At times this is distracting. This is a good book.

 “Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park” by William Bebb, Hands On Productions & Publications, 2012, Kindle Edition.

This could have used more editing. I think the concept is excellent but the execution is at times tedious. This could have been a richer read but falls back on standard zombie clichés. This is a decent book.

If you enjoy zombie literature or merely collect apocalyptic tales these are all affordable and yes, they are recommended books. While these are not the ‘A list’ of red carpet reads these certainly can painlessly can fill out your shelf and your desire for the end.


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