Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Book Review: “All Due Respect Issue 1” 2013 edited by Chris Rhatigan, et al, Kindle Edition Magazine

The real strength of literature has always been in the magazines; be they pulps, newsstand editions and now e-zines. Books are nice and the dream of any writer but it’s the weeklies and the monthlies that give us life and keep us in the public eye.

For the reader, it is the magazine that has always entertained and informed; has always introduced writers through their stories and given the skinny on books we should and shouldn’t be reading in the review section.

Magazines, now as e-zines though, have seemed to have gotten away from this format.


But be happy as we move into the New Year as “All Due Respect” is a crime magazine that is electric with life and offers readers the full literary experience. Both fiction and reviews fill its pages and to say Issue #1 was entertaining and informative is kind of anti-climactic.

The stories are fun and well-written and the reviews well-reasoned. Chris F. Holm dominates this issue and believe me that is a good thing. What strikes me is that after reading this collection I felt I was a little smarter about the genre. This is both a pulp and a literary experience.

If you like crime writing this is a marvelous read; a mixture of creative and gritty stories as well opinions given to contemporary and older reads. If want history and contemporary; in other words, the Full Monty “All Due Respect” deserves yours.

Buy this magazine.

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