Saturday, December 27, 2014

Book Review: “Plug Uglies” by Howie Carr, Frandel, LLC, Paperback, 255 pages, 2014

Ever since I was a little boy all I wanted to be was a gangster…Oh wait that was from
“Goodfellas’. A classic to be sure but if you want another classic, keeping reading because I just finished one.

Howie Carr is back with more organized crime memories from the rich lore of the Boston metro area. ‘Plug Uglies’ is what these fellas are in every way imaginable. Mr. Carr introduces us to the complete chronology of the sociopathic circus that is law and disorder and a culture that has gripped this area almost unabated for about a century.

Cover to cover this volume contains gem after gem of mug shots, crime scene photos and stories that will surely delight any real crime aficionado. This is a detailed history of governmental corruption and outright ‘thugery’ that should give every informed voter pause.

This is real crime, not the gussied up romanticized accounts where the neatly crafted tale is wrapped up nicely in small bite size assortments. Guys get wacked, really wacked; dead, deceased and departed wacked—wisely or not.

Innocent victims too are caught in the crossfire and most times the police, who are too busy wiping the cruller crumbs from their double chins and counting their graft, just let the uglies police themselves.

This is a marvelous source book for anyone writing noir. This is a marvelous source book for anyone researching organized crime and corrupt government. This is a marvelously entertaining tome that will make you cringe, smile and laugh all at the same time to a time that seems so long ago but really isn’t any different than today.

In those times our gangsters came with smiles and guns. Today our gangsters come with smiles and campaign literature.  

So youse out there in the literary public better wise up and buy this book or else..

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