Saturday, December 27, 2014

Radio Review: “Darkness Radio”, Twin Cities News Talk 1130 AM, Minnesota, Monday through Friday 9 pm to Midnight CST.

‘Darkness on the edge of town paranormal radio’ is billed as ‘the best in paranormal radio’ and that hype is certainly deserved.

I came across this program by way stumbling on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ which I have since abandoned. 

I stream radio. I find radio more fascinating than television. It’s the words and the pictures they paint. And let’s face it I have no desire to see celebrities dance. I have no desire to delve into contrived reality either. Reality itself sucks why should I see it on television twisted and well, the network news is better at it anyway…

The guest host on Coast to Coast that night was Dave Schrader who I immediately connected with. Here was a host, or guest host, who was insightful, witty, serious and well-read. The interviews were deep, the questions penetrating and interesting. When Mr. Schrader mentioned his own regular show on a promo I figured why not?

There I met his sidekick, his engineer, and co-host Tim Dennis who is the resident skeptic with a quick trap wit and a logical mind that would make a Vulcan blush.

I also came across the magnificent Mallie Fox who is a part-timer and an absolute joy to listen to. Check her out.

The show is extremely entertaining in presenting ‘true’ paranormal subjects and on Tuesdays –‘true crime’ stories get their own night. These are controversial crimes mostly with a fair amount of ‘stupid criminal stories’ sprinkled in.

Caller stories are balanced with authors and investigators on such wide ranging subjects as ghosts, UFOs, astrology, conspiracy theories, cryptids and the whole gamut of our mysterious universe.

This is a pleasant, fun and intelligent way to spend each night and hey, if you miss the show the archives are free.

Darkness Radio is a bright light late night.

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