Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Year Is Ending…

I’ve been thinking.

Maybe more like pondering.

Thinking and pondering with a little deducing for good measure.

If 2014 has taught us anything, the works we have reviewed this past year have been varied but somewhat central in their origin. Whether it is sleaze or horror, crime seems to be at its base. Even the best satirical and bizarro tales are wrapped around some misdeed be it a felony or misdemeanor.

Crime is the root of some of the best and worst literature. Always has and I think always will. We love crime. We crave crime. We are fascinated with crime. Fascinated with police pull overs; tabloid headlines of axe murders and prostitution and little games that puzzle out the identity of a murderer.

So for Christmas, yeah that is what I celebrate, and the end of the year I am bringing you three reviews where crime plays a part and as you will see the hilarity will ensue.

So Happy whatever you wish and may the New Year bring you more crime? No, may the New Year bring you what you wish, as long as it is legal and as long as you are careful.

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