Sunday, March 15, 2015

Book Review: The Rising: Deliverance by Brian Keene, Deadite Press, 2015.

This collection is what THE WALKING DEAD and other undead media vehicles should be. THE RISING DELIVERANCE is not only the title of this trifecta collection but one of the best zombie tales you are ever going to read.

John Donne once intoned 'That no man is an island.' Truly poetic and existential Donne's work has inspired many a writer and theorist has explored this meaning of man. And where many have tried Brian Keene succeeds.

This is is a character study. This is a survivor's story. This is a tale about loss in a continuing spiral of loss and redemption through faith; yet momentary redemption and meaning.

Keene follows this work with an extensive explanation of what was written and why. To peer into the brain of any writer is both helpful and fascinating but the explanation is not necessary. If you don't get the meaning you are dead yourself.

I have to confess that in my own life at present I am experiencing a loss of everything I have known which is why I have been largely absent. So this piece has special meaning for me. That aside I think THE RISING DELIVERANCE is a mandatory read.

Also included is the biblical THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE and a humorous one titled THE SIQQUISM WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS.

All in all, and this is coming from someone who zombied out years ago is on of the best collections of the new year.

Buy it.

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