Friday, March 27, 2015

Movie Review: RECURSION, written by Stanton Nash, Directed by Sam Buntrock, 2014.

We are going off the books for this column, something we do from time to time. Through my Twitter account I have introduced to many independent film makers. This is a medium I have always felt was the natural progression for any writer and fan.

One film this week struck me both on first take and well after. This is a film that is not only clever, but tight and whose impression is, as stated, long lasting.

‘Recursion’ is defined as a form of repetition but repetition in a similar way. Recursion is also the name of a multi-multi-award winning short twenty two minute science fiction tale, a story about time travel set around a best man and a lost ring.

The story was written by Stanton Nash and directed Sam Buntrock in his directorial debut. Both forge an engaging story about the chaos surrounding a wedding that just happens to be in the playground for a time traveler who is not only forgetful and bumbling, but also mindful that he may be destroying the universe.

Rob McClure’s performance as Sherwin is nothing less than spectacular. He is nerve racking, disheveled and empathic. In a short film for an actor, writer and even director to reel a viewer in emotionally is astounding.

There are no special effects here, no explosions or inane chases. The only chase is against time and space something we unwittingly have to deal with each day.

This film is tight, marvelous and addicting. I have watched it several times and find gems of cinematic touches I have missed in earlier viewing. The actors down to the roles of extras are authentic. The direction sharp and hand in hand with the writing are crisp and brilliant. Much like contemporary literature the future belongs to independents to save us from the mundane and dumb-downed mass pabulum. This film is striking.

Recursion is well worth adding to your list of binge viewing. 

In the circle that is life, Recursion should be rung in as soon as possible.

Watch it.

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