Sunday, April 12, 2015

Podcast Review: The 4077th Productions, presented by Jeff Niles, with Mark Slade's ELIXIR and SEEING RED, 2015.

We stay off the printed page for yet another column to today explore the resurgence of the radio’s heyday now swathed in the digital age.

Podcasts are the new radio swallowing the old medium while allowing an even greater variety of programming to surface; programming that could never be imagined by those dolts at cable and direct and etc.

Since December of 2010 Jeff Niles and Viktor Aurelius have resurrected the bright glow of the tube’s morality radio play to a new audience. My first preview of these dramas came via two works by an old friend of Lurid-lit, Mark Slade.

Produced in 2015 Mark’s ELIXIR and SEEING RED delighted my ears as well as my eyes; that is, my mind’s eyes.

Under the astute direction of Victor Aurelius, who also impeccably produced these plays; a marvelous cast was amassed with smart scripts, lush sound effects and music that was more professionally performed and executed than, well you still there cable and direct?

Kudos to Kevin Macleod for his music as well; he does deserve his own nod.
Podcasts like any art form run the gamut. Some are better than others but the detail and talent brought forth by The 4077th is nothing short of perfection. This is among the cream of the crop.

What else needs to be said you should be hearing this.

Scroll their archives. You’ll find comedy as well as drama; mystery and the strange; in other words---Didn’t I already say this? You have to hear this:

As for ELIXIR and SEEING RED, you ask? Well all the production in the world can never save something poorly written. So understand when I tell you the marriage of talent I listened to is solid.

In both dramas Mark harkens the days if the INNER SANCTUM with marvelously conceived and artfully written pieces that straddle reality and the fanciful that are not only believable but are destined to be classics.

His work here is doubly and deliciously fun.

Check them out:

And tell your friends.

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