Thursday, April 30, 2015

Podcast Review: SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE Paranormal Podcast, hosted by Mike and Wendy from the band ‘Sunspot”, 2015.

An interesting program of an hour or so comprised of some chat, an interview and music all huddled around the paranormal. "See You On The Other Side" is a rather unique mixture for these musicians who host and who have a deep and well informed interest in all that is strange as well all that is paranormal.

I was first introduced to the program via an invitation through Twitter by the show’s creator and host Mike Huberty and was pleasantly surprised.

Psychics, ghost hunters, UFO investigators are all among the interviewees and the program plays much in the same format as Coast to Coast but with a more laid back and informal style.
Pop culture: television, movies and music all with a paranormal bent are also all in the mix of discussion.

The show is more conversational and less interrogational than its model. I enjoy a freer flowing a format as I believe it to be more genuine and less politically driven than the aforementioned Coast.

There are no listener call-ins. On many nights this can be a considered a plus; after all many times the callers appear to be more frightening and creepier than the actual show topic being discussed.

At the end of every program the band “Sunspot” performs an original number based on the theme of that night’s program or something in the pop culture news o the day.
This is fun and informative; this is creative and addictive.

Give it a listen.

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