Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Book Review: Dreaming Deep by Anonymous-9, Uncanny Books, 44 pages, 2015.

We return to the written page and return in a giant and legendary way.

This novelette is an extension of the short story published in the collection titled
JUST SO YOU KNOW I'M NOT DEAD in 2014; a collection this reviewer praised.

I fell in love with the Moby Dick / Lovecraft inspired tale in its shorter form. I found the first H. P.
homage to be creative, modern, gritty and emotional. It was the story of a father’s love for his son
and the revenge he seeks. So I wondered as I opened this telling, how can one improve on something
so tight, so complete and so very well crafted?

I mean really.

Well, we are talking Anonymous-9 so think in terms of another short story retold longer; think
Ray Bradbury’s “The Fireman” and “Fahrenheit 451”.

This novelette is a classic. This tale is even creepier than its predecessor making it more Lovecraftian
and a greater homage to the legendary scribe. This tale is even more suspenseful making it an instant
page turner that can be read just as quickly and as “addict-fully” as the original.

The tale is stouter, multi-tentacled and multi-layered. While we still get to the climax between our
hero and the Great God, we get there from a different angle and find their throw-down carries much
more at stake and perhaps this battle is a mere skirmish leaving nothing resolved for the moment.

And yet there is an indication this may be a dream.

The story brilliantly walks that line much the way Lovecraft himself scribbled. Worlds in paralleled
collision that’s what we see. In other words, the story is deep, hence the title; ‘smirk’, ‘smirk’…..

But it’s not that simple. And this telling and re-telling is much more complex beyond the creative plot. True this is a whale of a great tale and before I implore you to buy this book, let us delve
deeper into the inspiring nightmare.

This is a bit of a departure for this column but is long overdue, especially with George
Orwell’s musings to be proven correct; all of course, under the guise of ‘fairness and
freedom’. So please understand that the views expressed are mine solely and well, not
so solely; the views expressed are that of Anonymous-9 and mine following a
discussion as to the meaning of her amazing tale. Views I should say I thought I sensed
but was hesitant to expand on.
Whether you wish to acknowledge it or not; we live in a world inhabited, run,
choreographed and enforced by a real live Cthulhu. Our monster is more institutional
and more formal. It knows no sex, no state of origin and no political party. It is a
leviathan but no less tentacled than a societal convention and mythos created by our
own government out of an ignorance of ideas.

DREAMING DEEP is a story set against an institutional backdrop where the idea
of the monster is not only ridiculed but considered dangerous enough for freedom
to be lost. It is in the best interest for the protagonist to cease having such ‘dreams’
so that his reality is altered by thought police in white coats until he complies. The
interaction and regulation of what is socially acceptable rather than what is real
carries the day for an aloof ruling class that knows better than one’s eyes.

A muse doesn’t have to be pretty with long flowing hair, supple lips and doe eyes. A
muse needs to incite; a muse needs to awaken ideas within an artist and beckon 
an artist to bravely present those ideas in an entertaining way.

This book is not only entertaining but it is thought provoking and brave. This book is
something literature and our culture have sorely missed.


Buy this book.

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