Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Film/Website Review:

‘Short of the Week’ bills itself as “The Most innovative stories of our time”. Believe me that claim is the very definition of truth in advertising.

This is a cornucopia of international short films in a variety of themes produced more creatively than any major motion picture I’ve seen in the past decade or two. Where Hollywood reboots and copies itself with incessant manure fests, ‘Short of the week’ presents professional films that are to the point, memorable, entertaining and strive to be art.

Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction, Satire, Comedy, Drama, etc. it is all here in bite size pieces to be gorged or doled out a little. Five minute, ten minute, fifteen minute pieces delight the eyes and the mind.

When you take the time to look at these films you realize that there are so many talented film makers, writers and actors out there who don’t get the respect they should because they are out of the lame and truly illiterate mainstream that is Tinsel town.

Since my genre is horror I want to single out three films of note as your sampler; a tiny taste that both Mr. and Mrs. Whitman would be proud of.

“Rotor” is a science fiction horror tale; a tight one man symmetrical doppelganger tale. There is this night watchman and, well the ending is smart and unsettling.

“Breathe” is brilliantly creepy. It is ingenious story about a ghost of a young woman who only appears when one’s breath is held. But that really isn’t the story. It is shocking.

“Killer Cart” is a campy throw back to the 1950s fare. It is so over the top it is spectacularly gory and hilarious.

While the herd may be lining up at the metroplex burping their dogs and burgers this Memorial Day to watch the latest blow them up politically messaged big budget hack job, higher your expectations and reward your brain with more intelligent fare.

Snatch some looks at for a better blending of art and entertainment.

It won’t cost you a penny.

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