Friday, June 26, 2015

Book Review: Constellations by Tim Bryant, Behooven Press, 276 pages, 2015

Artillery Conray Patton; what a name; and what a story…

If you recall Tim Bryant has been here before with marvelous mysteries and private investigations. “Constellations” is yet another mystery but not your normal investigation.

This is a lush and complex puzzle that spans time and space focusing on the small moments that create the larger mosaic that is life. This novel is both entertaining and thought provoking challenging the reader to find that meaning, a meaning we all secretly seek  in our own lives.

This is a unique novel on the level of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”; a timely tale of time and how it knits histories.

“Constellations” is incredibly creative and powerful; an absolute flood of fresh air that clears out the mustiness of most literature.

‘Who is Art?’ This book is pure art.

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