Friday, August 21, 2015

Book Review: Freakcidents by Michael A. Arnzen, Shocklines Press, 50 pages, 2005.

Poetry seems to be drawing less fanfare and significance. I don't know whether to blame rap music or global warming. In the days of yore poetry dominated, and then supplemented prose; at times cleansing the pallet of ideas in both anthologies and magazines.

Something happened. But then again, the culture itself shifted away from the literary, away from H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Joseph Payne Brennan to 50 Shades of Porn and sparkly things. The edgy was replaced with the dumb and base; the safe and bland.

This chapbook was published ten years ago compiling and reprinting earlier pieces that were the stepping stones for an acclaimed author and a Bram Stoker Award for his novel "Grave Markings". This was a return to the past with short jolts of gore and sprays of sweet tasting crimson, none of it sugary that both delights and 'queases' the entrails.

The book is fun, tight, thought provoking and challenging with each ooze and scream.

This volume is chalk full of stories from the fringe, a place we all find comfort. This volume should very much be looked upon as the watershed moment for modern horror poetry.

Buy it.

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