Sunday, August 16, 2015

Book Review: The Lost by Sarah Langan, Cemetery Dance Publications, 22 pages, 2008.

The three time Bram Stoker winning novelist gives us a limited edition chap book where the horror is internal though manifested externally. Here is a tale about isolation, depression, and the self perception of the outsider.

Yes, while the horror enveloping our heroine is physical this is purely a psychological horror story.

Brilliantly conceived the prose are breezy and lyrical and the story reads faster than the total amount of words written. It is insightful and touching; a story many of us in the arts can identify with and many of us who are not in the arts can claim as true.

It is a morality tale, something disturbingly missing in our genre; an intelligent that should leave the reader with much to contemplate.

This edition is limited to five hundred. While collectible, it is certainly available, so pick it up before this story is lost to your library.

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