Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Review: Shotgun Therapy And Other Stories by L A Sykes, Thunderune Publishing, 2015, 258 pages

My apology for disappearing a lot longer than I intended. A respiratory infection invaded me faster than a stripper grabbing a dollar. Needless to say my ability to sustain any work was greatly depleted.

But no fear, I am cured. I found something that gave me a sound remedy and it was the best damn therapy I could ever have conceived. I could still read and guess what was found....

L A Sykes provides the most powerful therapy that will spread throughout any system. 'Shotgun Therapy And Other Stories' is a collection of crime tales, more specifically drug tales, that are executed with gritty realism laced with humor, poignancy, action, poetry and existentialism.

This collection is not only artistically scribed but tactically arranged. The stories are presented in differing cadences that pull each emotional string and keep the thirst for more. The characters are both lovable and contemptible; in other words they are real flesh and blood up to their knees in flesh, blood and death.

This is a professional collection chock full of memorable scenes and lines that is destined to become a classic in the genre. L A Sykes does it again.

Buy this book when it hits the shelves and the web on September 24th. Come back here for the link.


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