Sunday, October 4, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: THE OFFERING edited by and from SINISTER HORROR COMPANY, 31 pages, 2015.

Newly born Sinister Horror Company breathes a huge scream with its anthology chap book titled THE OFFERING. This is a promotional e-volume from the publishing house directly. I am happy to be a recipient.

Three in its stable of talented scribes offers us stories that both unnerve and force us to into thought.

Duncan P. Bradshaw offers "I Spy" an apocalyptic tale. Meanwhile David Marc Chant offers "The Beast of Bowline Moor" a creeping tale of terror. And lastly but not least "Connors" is offered to us by J. R. Park, a shambling tale of our post apocalyptic earth.

Each is a simple presentation, a seemingly everyday demonstration life turned upside down. This is a creative lot, with well known tropes done fresh and entertaining.

As a taste I like what this publisher is offering.

Get this book.

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