Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: MASTEMA: Sins of the Mother by Curtis M. Lawson and Alex Chung, Arcana Studios, 2015.

With absolutely beautiful and striking art by Alex Chung, Curtis M. Lawson paints a script that is not only adrenalin filled but poignant and gripping.

This tale of good versus evil is at times twisted and grey. Witches, wolves, demons and warriors battle for revenge and survival. Fluid and intelligent describes both the art and storytelling in  this
fable of heroism and alliance.

This novel is intelligent and deserves a wide read and exposure. Unlike the bland DC and Marvel fare there are no capes, no snarky remarks just pure action and tension in a multilayered tale that will leave you sad, victorious and puzzled all at once.

It goes on sale today.

Buy this book.

The Diamond Code is AUG51049.

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