Monday, January 18, 2016

Book Review: THE DEVOURED by Curtis M. Lawson, Winlock Press, 2015, 164 pages.

Mr. Lawson is back, this time with a novel that masterfully packs a huge paranormal and fantasy trope filled punch.

Much like Ambrose Bierce, with the Civil War now over, The Elder Gods, whose mischief was done, decide to head west where law and order won't be an issue. But they weren't the only ones and I am not talking about the Giants, Dodgers or yeah the Rams.

Our hero, who seemingly has lost everything because of the war, heads west as well but not to catch a ball game. He looks to do battle with anyone and everyone is his way to save his son. Word for word this book is economically and artistically packed with action, sorcery, intrigue and flat out mysticism. The balance of cultures and tropes here is amazing. Mr. Lawson takes threads from a variety of worlds and cultures weaving them in a tale worthy of 'Big Trouble in Little China' or 'The Searchers'.

For those straight bibliophiles -- those are films.

This story is complex story, multi-layered that moves at the speed of light. This novel also evokes emotion; those of loss, desperation and the need for redemption.

I was exhausted after reading it.

My suggestion is for you to buy this book and while your at it check out Curtis' webpage for more:

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