Sunday, January 31, 2016

Toy Review: GODZILLA Monster of Monsters. NECA, 2015

Yes, a toy review and why not? Especially so since our inaugural toy review involves the most iconic monster of all.

I don't own the photo but I own the figure and felt compelled to shout from the battlements. From 2015 NECA brings us a daring vision that melds past with future.

Standing over 6 inches tall and 12 inches long with 30, yes 30 points of articulation is the classic video game version of the King of All Monsters. Based on the 1988 Nintendo Godzilla this creature features a new dorsal plate in a lighter blue color that dresses the figure along with pixel representations.

This is a 3-D model of a computer generated Godzilla after all.

Overall a striking version that is so different, so unique and yet so similar. This Godzilla is great for both display and play.

The packaging too is fascinating, harkening back to the 1988 game box with a hinged front. It is both informative and artistic.

Whether in or out of package this piece with look remarkable of your shelf. It is a marvelous addition to any toy collection. It is a must for any Godzilla collection.

Buy it, especially if you are an adult.

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