Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This is not a commerical. THE NO B.S.GUIDE TO FREELANCE WRITING 2016 by, 89 pages.

I only bring your attention to this because I think it may help.

As we are well aware publishing is a constantly changing business. And above all it is a business. Whether you are writing because you are an artist or you are writing because you are unemployed and don't know what else to do you need to have a plan and a direction.

While the website and our subject book is angled toward the hired gun looking for a buck any mercenary with a pen writing anything should download this book.

Branding oneself, searching for one's voice and audience, setting your rates, invoicing, contracts are all the nuts and bolts of the business you as a writer either have become or will come to be. Here they are described and explained simply and friendly.

I know in my creative writing class most students skip the more business classes not wanting to be board to death in a boiler plate malaise. Maybe that is why those students ultimately have never published.

Look, it is great for some to go to a self-publishing website and publish a book for family and friends and a few assorted lookie-loos. Some can actually make some pocket change. But truly understand that despite the popularity of self-publishing, the greater literary world doesn't recognize these endeavors. What they do recognize is vetted works and this guide is a helping hand to get you there so you can start to climb the ladder in terms of publishing credits and cash.

This is a useful tool for newbie and experienced alike.

Go to and check it out.

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