Monday, March 14, 2016

Book Review: CHRISTOPHER LEE Tall Dark and Gruesome, Midnight Marquee Press, 1999, 315 pages.

Our first reviewed biography turns out to be a no-brainer. Our first reviewed biography should be Sir Christopher Lee. His impact on horror specifically and the cinema in general is incalculable.

But as you will see, he was so much more.

I chose this book not because of my recent social media rant concerning the lack of quality in the genre but because of the great man's passing last June 7th and his importance and as it turns out his overall position in world events for almost a century.

A lot has been said about him since his passing. His popularity it seems is still growing. And the legendary life of Christopher Lee has been bantered about on social media with surprise and confusion.

Incredibly all of the scuttle turns out to be true.

Lee walks through is life over 315 pages, with more than ample photographs. as if it were a friendly conversation over tea or a beer. His writing style is engaging, humorous and self-deprecating. He is honest about his regrets and humble about his triumphs. In all you can see the character of the man and as a life long fan I am happy my hero was a good man.

Actor, singer, author, editor, soldier, spy, husband, father, adventurer; a man who met the richest and most powerful in their day. The first allied officer to enter the Vatican following Italy's liberation
and the child who was awoken by his step-father only to be introduced to Rasputin's assassins.


315 pages is not enough to count his accomplishments and to say his was a life lived is not enough.

Find this book and buy it.

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