Sunday, April 3, 2016

Book Review: Hammer Glamour by Marcus Hearn, Titan Books, 2009, 92 pages.

This coffee table sized volume continues to be a hot seller some seven years after its first publication. And why not? Chock full of photos and biographies of the most famous and luscious of the Hammer Honeys, what is not to like?

Face it; we all grew up watching the exploits of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing redefining the horror genre in the most amazing ways for decades to come. But like Playboy magazine, the girls did catch our attention. In every film no matter the monster or gore, beauty, exquisite beauty, vied with the beast to catch the attention of the audience.

Raquel Welch, Veronica Carlson, Caroline Munro, Ursula Andress, Linda Hayden, Barbara Shelly, Ingrid Pitt, Hazel Court, Madeline Smith, and Natassja Kinski are just a few of the accomplished actress/models that made Hammer memorable.

Biographies and back stage musings are a part of the photo array in what can only be described as entertaining and educational fare.

This is a marvelous book on film, a fabulous pin up book, and an essential historical record for any Hammer fan or collector.

It is not just eye candy. It is so very much more. And what is wrong with that?

Buy this book.

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