Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: CREEPY NEWS, YouTube

More than ever we are a visual society. We love our screens even as we print on them. Fixated on phones and tablets we look for answers and companionship. We carry it everywhere to be where we need it be anywhere.

The stationary screens, the televisions are becoming tombs and even as television coughs and wheezes itself into the oblivion of idiocy, streaming has supplanted it as a sexy, strong and primary entertainment and information source.

So is the nature of news. Mainstream media is mocked for what it is -- moronic and dated; slanted and trivial. The outlets for information are many and the voices are more than quaffed mannequin heads.

I have adapted. Oh I still read, but I love YouTube; programs new and old; concerts vintage and live; it is all there for the choosing even those stupid, insipid, idiotic toy commercial that once mesmerized me when I was a little squirt.

So now I think its time to look up from the printed page, and beyond the gaze of carefully crafted demeaning realty television to tell you about a channel I am binging.


If mysterious disappearances and bizarre murders are your thing here is your home. Rancil Gort, the creator, writer, narrator, producer and director leads the viewer on a virtual travelcade of international mysteries, with tales that are shocking and bizarre.

The stories are presented with high production values for stories that are true, famous, infamous and obscure.

While the initial source material is from Wikipedia this is not a dry read. These pieces are further researched making them informed as well as entertaining. Links are provided for further research and photos and clips abound.

It is a news series presented in the manner of Dateline and 20/20,but more intelligent and believable. Each episode stands alone yet references earlier tomes with teasers that will wet your curiosity.

Watch it and subscribe and you will find creepiness on every ride.

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