Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Really Am A Heel. And I have something to confess....

Life again reared its head and my apologies for not being here. However, get your belts on and lace those shoes because TWO COLUMNS ARE COMING THIS WEEK.

In keeping with the definition of LURID, we once again change gears to bring you the most brilliant and shocking aspect of a spec of life. In this case we leave murder, death, sex and move on to sports and entertainment.

I must admit I love professional wrestling. I always have. It was a natural bonding moment, amongst many, with my father. I became fascinated with its history, the story lines and the amazing athletes who are acrobatic beyond anything you will see on a field, pitch and/or arena.

In my younger days when I had a physique and worked out at my friend's gym, my friend being a body builder and former Mr. Connecticut, I met many wrestlers of the day. As far as athletes go, overall a good group of guys.

But I always knew wrestling wasn't real. Like a coyote hit on the head with an anvil; you don't have to be a genius to know IT IS NOT REAL.

But it is entertaining.

What now follows is akin to a pin and a championship tag team match, here are, not in any particular order, our three falls:

1.)  WRESTLING WITH WREGRET. Found on YouTube produced, written and performed by Brian Zane ('nee Shiedel) covering the fan perspective in all areas of wrestling, be it shows, collectibles, personalities, story lines and matches while covering all promotions.

The videos take on one subject at a time and are insightful, humorous, and even serious when necessary, but in all cases knowledgeable and entertaining.

You won't regret these tidbit size but engaging videos because they are all packing a big punch.

2.) EXTREME PRO WRESTLING RADIO is an hour long podcast streamed through Twin Cities News Talk Radio 1130 AM. Hosts TIM DENNIS (one of my favorite dudes who is also on DARKNESS RADIO) and SEAN HORSCH is more in depth covering all promotions and their storylines.

This is hot stove wrestling dealing with the nuts and bolts, the contracts and the dissection of storylines. Want big match reviews? You have it here. Want house show reviews? You get it here. You want dirt ---- you get a truck full.

This cast will have you laughing, thinking and talking back to the laptop. This is the best program of its kind period.

3.) TALK IS JERICHO is found on CHRIS JERICHO is a pro's pro both in and out of the ring. This hour plus interview program gathers not only those in the wresting biz but those from other entertainment genres such as comedians and rockers.

The interviews are conversational, informal and always drawing a laugh and smile. Mr. Jericho makes everyone feel at ease just as if you were sitting with him and his guest around a table with a libation or two.

Many wrestlers have podcasts but they are not Jericho.

1-2-3 there you have it. The finest programming wrestling has to offer outside the ring.

Watch and listen my friends or my pythons will be coming to get you. OH YEAH.

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