Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DVD Review and Recommendation: EVENT HORIZON Special Collectors Edition

The year is 2047 seven years after the Event Horizon a star class vessel crossed the universe on a secret mission. It disappeared while in Neptune's orbit as it searched for a quite place to create a black hole to venture through to span the galaxy.

This is where the science fiction ends and the horror begins.

Event Horizon is a unique science fiction tale in that it blurs the genre with horror. This is basically a story of demonic possession, religion and ultimately faith aboard a space craft, a ship that actually became haunted and possessed after an unscheduled stop in Hell.

Man's best intentions to explore the expanse of space by bending the continuum are found to be paved to Hell. What man finds at the end of the universe, and much north of where it was originally thought to thrive, is Satan's lair. This 2 DVD set acknowledges the horror angle with discussions of religious imagery and a dissection of scenes through interviews with the creative team and select actors. This goes beyond the normal 'Easter eggs' as the entire film is the tasty treat.

True the film has been out there for some time and I know to many of you this means it is verboten for discussion and even viewing but this is a truly excellent story and film that excels. It deserves the attention especially with the vapid horrible horror and science film parade we have been force fed for over a decade.

Sam Neill's performance is off the charts evil, but then again he was Damien son of Satan in another film and as it turns out the final conflict continues. The other performances are well done and without cliche for a story that is tight and unsettling.

What I also love about this film and commentary is the emphasis on the evil within; on the guilt we all carry for past acts and moral decisions. In other words, the ghosts that dwell within us, the phantoms we do our best to hide, dwell patiently always seeking release and vengeance.

Look, while it is not vulgar; not gratuitous with sex; it is intelligently violent and thought provoking. The evil men do ultimately dwells within and can be unlocked with a simple invitation to the darkness around us. A rescue looks to liberate a missing crew but instead liberates demons who draw out the demons from inside and not even God can come to their aid.

Ultimately the choice to join evil dwells within.

Personal responsibility is the common thread parallel to the evil. Such is the message: In this film and in our world evil dwells all around us; tempting us, trying to fool us in order to gain control and if we allow it to do so we will be doomed.

There is a lesson here. This is a cautionary tale without resorting to cliche, without resorting to over the top imagery. This is intelligent and something you should not ignore.

Buy it.

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