Monday, August 22, 2016

Music Review: HARDWIRED by Metallica, single from upcoming album HARDWIRED...TO SELF DESTRUCT

HARDWIRED is the first new single released by the band since 2014's LORDS OF SUMMER. HARDWIRED is also the first single off the band's first new studio album in eight years.

In the Metallica universe HARDWIRED...TO SELF DESTRUCT is dubbed the follow up collection to DEATH MAGNETIC, an album that includes one of my all-time favorites CYANIDE.

For fans it has been a tortuous wait for new music; just as tortuous as the song LORDS OF SUMMER itself.

HARDWIRED is 'anticipatiously' named. The opening riff is drums; driven and hard hearkening back to days of thrash. Bass and guitars follow; again visions of early Metallica dance in my head. Then the lyrics....

Let me say the musicianship of the band is unparalleled. James' voice is amazing after all these years.
But the song is a disappointment. I wish it was longer. I was it was more dimensional. I blinked and missed the solo. I was left wanting all around.

The lyrics themselves are great for attitude but lack in story and impact. Granted many of the fan boy reaction videos you will find online will praise this tune as the second coming by focusing their adoration mainly on the overused "F" word.

But guys, please understand, as an only lyric it doesn't work. You see, once you stop wearing black, once you start grooming and once you finally climb out of your mother's basement one word vocabularies just don't cut it.

The repetition of the alphabet doesn't necessarily bother me; but it does lessen the value of the lyrics and the song overall. The song is hollow, missing an edge. I found it forced. I found it narrow.

As an experiment I would say try something else.

In the METALLICA universe LORDS OF SUMMER was re-classified a demo since it was a stand alone single. Truly it was re-classified a demo because it was poorly received.

HARDWIRED has been better received but has no place to hide. Let's see what the full album offers when it is released on November 18th.

Let's see if this work, eight years in the making, is a suicide.....

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