Thursday, August 11, 2016

Television Review: THE FINAL DELETION. Need I say more?

You, my dear reader may have theorized that my absence these last two weeks involved my own deletion. Some of you I know were concerned, but there were others of you I know were happy by my void in the blogger-sphere, secretly celebrating my perceived transformation into an obsolete mule.

But huzzah, like the lute in popular music, I have returned. I am back with a tale so fantastic, so important to the interlocking species of this planet and bizarre that you will be drooling for the knowledge that I have uncovered.

So to dispel the sordid rumors, I have returned to this plane of existence not as a useless husk or drained slave. NO, I have seen the wisdom of intelligent design. I have heard from the prophets throughout the ages. I have communed with souls who span time and space. I......

Wrestling as we know is entertainment. Wrestling is a sport involving incredible athletes; amazing acrobats and actors whose show doesn't necessarily take place in the ring. You need story lines to keep the characters fresh and the audience engaged with the ring as the final act or the denouement to the tale as woven.

As I have said before, my father always insisted that professional wrestling was the most honest sport and in all honesty I can't keep silent. While I know purists will hate me. While I know some who know well me may truly believe I have crashed and hit my head in the deep, I have to confess I love THE FINAL DELETION story-line.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are geniuses.

Matt Hardy, in particular, deserves an Emmy for his character, for his plotting and writing THE FINAL DELETION.

For those who don't watch TNA Wrestling or follow Twitter and/or the wrestling podcasts; THE FINAL DELETION spoofs wrestling, product branding, the occult, reality television and television in general and life...

The back story involves a 'broken' man, an ill man BROKEN MATT HARDY whose injury actually involves a spiritual possession or mental infirmity where Mr. Hardy turns on his brother and anyone else whose soul he detects is that of a Brother Nero. The broken man looks to possess his brother, delete all history of him and claim every aspect of him for branding and profit.

True, the story line is confusing, at times contradictory and always over the top but it is ever-flowing and fascinating, funny and simply works.


Because it goes beyond the normal love triangles, petty rivalries and disputes that make up most shows.  The heat here is ethereal and dangerous. While you know you are being put on you want to be.

The camera work and direction is better than most theatrical releases. The sweeping tale of brother versus brother, while as old as time itself, is unique. This is simply the most creative tale I have seen in a long, long time.

Akin to that rather superb novel, I can't put it down. I have to tune in to see where it takes me week after week. And now with the advent of social media, in particular Twitter, I have to check in every couple of days to catch some heat and follow the plot which now flows as a raging river.

Mix into this the wrestling acumen of the Hardy brand and wow, truly genius.

Go to YouTube and the Impact Wrestling site. Check the podcasts. You don't have to like wrestling to enjoy the story.

I'll sum it up this way ---- Citizen Kane has come to wrestling.

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