Monday, September 19, 2016

Book Review: Peter Cushing The Complete Memoirs, Signium Books, 2013, 336 pages.

It is only fitting that upon my return I finish what I have started. I will now complete the pairing.

Some weeks ago we reviewed the tome scribed by Sir Christopher Lee, a largely anecdotal autobiography which was no less amazing. But tonight I bring you a weightier story of similar glory.

Peter Cushing's autobiography contains more than anecdotes. The approach is to be a little less guarded. It is a life passionately lived with a devotion as deep as time for his bride and an equally powerful passion for his craft as an actor. It is a life overwhelming of accomplishment from the stage to the television and film. In reading this book you truly understand how important of an actor Cushing was.

And in reading this book you will understand how important a man he was as well.

Like Lee he is best known for Hammer. Like Lee he transcended Horror with the talent to conquer more. But more importantly this book outlines the warts. Peter Cushing once attempted suicide. Peter Cushing experienced failure. Despite his enormous presence on the screen and the mark he made in many of our lives he was simply the man next door with all the pressures and problems experienced by us all.

Three shorter books have been combined into this volume and all three examining different aspects of his life are fascinating and special. To say Peter Cushing was a great man is obvious. To say Peter Cushing was a GREAT man in all aspects of life is special.

Please take time out to buy this book.

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