Monday, October 10, 2016


The first issue of the quarterly issue of HORRORVILLE MAGAZINE is here! The first issue of the quarterly issue of HORRORVILLE MAGAZINE is here!

I am sorry. I am very sorry. At least it is quarterly and not weekly.

The magazine that contains 'everything that is horror' is horror itself. This is not praise but a burial.

The genre has become nothing but cliches and tired, no exhausted themes. HORRORVILLE MAGAZINE collects them all with an exuberance that is puzzling.

Shocking for an English periodical. The English are surely more literate than the American market. And clearly I thought the United States had cornered the market on the mundane. But I suppose this is no surprise since mainstream film is the focus of this magazine.

Let's face it. None of it in the last fifteen years has been frightening or even coherent. The lack of originality among Hollywood types and independent wannabees wishing to be Hollywood types is almost criminal. The ripple therefore does not spread far from epicenter creativity has suffered along with the public.

Horror and film have been a poor mix and this rag doesn't even call out the movie makers. Instead it celebrates snore-fests and praises what is to come with short synopsis and a few special photos.

The horror, the horror....

Hope for issue two, otherwise it will be time for a hole and a bag of lye.

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