Thursday, November 17, 2016

Still Afraid Or Just Bored?

I hope my short departure still finds everyone in the best of health and spirits. Life should pose for us exciting and new challenges and the occasional change in direction to truly be a life lived. Stagnation is not something we should seek. Growth is what we should achieve. To that end I apologize for my departure but promise you the best is yet to be.

One of the most important and greatest aspects of my life is the editorial freedom of this column. I have been granted by Christopher Linebaugh an amazing opportunity and I am eternal grateful and can never thank him enough.

That is why I am going to take this column in a different direction today. And I believe it should merit this direction because of what is and has been going on in society just right out the window. So please allow me this digression, please allow me to vent my spleen and my spleen only and I will return to the books next time.

Art, be it literature, be it song, be it film is a mirror not only of our soul but the society about us. Today we stand confused, we stand muddled and we stand without direction. We lack heroes. We are a hair trigger ready to fight than listen and for that we all suffer.

The reason I don't seek publishers in the United States is this mileau.

One set of publishers and editors in effort to satisfy what they believe is the greater good seek character quotas and safe language in their vision of what should be life's commentary. This leads not to only to rampant censorship but lame tropes and bland stories. Which when you think of it is ironic and funny because these same individuals will spew out an incredible amount of words preaching against lameness.

On the other side is the hyper-sexual. The so called mavericks of the trade who see themselves as rebels and challengers of the status quo. They model themselves after the pornographers of the 1970s: Blue, nude and gratuitous adolescent fantasies playing out in a gagging symphony of stupid. These revolutionaries offer us nothing. These protectors of the avant-garde leave us with the same uneasiness as a large wet spot on a mattress, not our own.

Self publishing has something to do with this. Writing guilds such as the Horror Writers with self-congratulatory fake awards are also complicit leaving us with a marked split of entertainment fare.

The same can be postulated in music and film.

And such is our back drop, a polemic society of constantly butting heads and stagnating in a circular parade of with formless crap. So you're sensitive? Grow up. So you think you are showing society? No, you are just proving you still haven't grown up.

With blind allegiances to a specific side you prove your ignorance. Strive, experiment, to the publishers, editors, even public---be damned. Look for the truly new. Work not for the safe acceptance of others, but force them to follow you.

Work in layers, not a slim single theme to justify your political beliefs find allegory and multi-layered themes. Life is not a simple reflex but a complex melange. Art should mirror this but it doesn't.

I am both afraid and bored. I am afraid our best days are behind us. I am bored because everyone coming up wants to mimic another.

And everyone wants to use a 2 x 4 to deliver the message.

Our society needs not be safe when it comes to entertaining ideas. Our evolution demands a return to to the days of a telling a tale with challenging themes in a veil that not only teaches but promotes in a non-preachy demeaning condescending way.

In other words artful.

Demand more from your artists. Demand more from your work. Perfection feeds on perfection and that perfection will allow us to evolve.

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