Saturday, January 28, 2017

Book Review: THE ART OF HAMMER edited and written by Marcus Hearn, Titan Books, 200 pages, 2016.

Revised and updated from the first edition published in 2010 this coffee table book of poster art chronicles the great movie house in Bray studios from its humble and rather forgettable beginnings through the powerhouse horror days to its rather dubious renaissance in this century.

Collecting movie posters is fun but expensive and not to mention the space. Here in one volume are all Hammer posters and many heralds representing each comedy, war epic, exploitation experiment and of course horror film.

The story of this studio has usually been given short shrift largely because of the success of the Cushing-Lee era. Face it, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee whether together or separate, whether a cameo or starring role, kept Hammer out of bankruptcy for decades. And face it, horror does not get the elite minded treatment of the standard snore fest. The key to understand here is that Hammer was a full multi-talented studio.

But most of the films in the library have not received the mention or even the exposure since they pale in comparison to Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy. But even if their importance can't span the decades they are still chapters in Hammer's story and important to the development of the talents of those who create and write the story of this legendary studio.

And it is all here in crisp bright color.

Buy this book.

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