Thursday, February 9, 2017

Film Review: That is REVIEWS from Mill Creek Entertainment

Hey, here is a real value and probably better entertainment than modern day Hollywood can provide.

Mill Creek Entertainment is packaging 50 movie collections comprised of in the domain A films and mostly B, C, and D endeavors for reasonable prices AND the ability to also register these films for streaming online. What a choice? What a country? All in a 10 disc set.

So as DVD players fade into the Beta dimension with 8 tracks and Kennedy vehicles you can still view your complete purchase of these nuggets online. Such a deal for no extra charge.

Packaged by genre and sub-genre you can find Westerns, Romances, Action films, Horror etc. etc. No
overblown, poorly acted, computer generated phlegm here. You will find classics and brilliant cult offerings. Sure there may be a clunker or two but with 50 films for under twenty dollars, so what can be the complaint snowflake?

And it is film so even Meryl Streep can't object. You know she never responded to my invitation to my Super Bowl LI party. She missed one Hell of a game. She missed one Hell of a dip and Guinness to boot. Well the Hell with her fancy dancy palate; these films are great.

Buy a pack.

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