Monday, February 20, 2017

News. Real News Not Fake or Very Fake News.....About Cosmopolitan Magazine

Before you lift that eye brow, I am about to tell you a tale; true in its substance and five years and counting in its scope. Before you scoff, just take a moment. Sit down and relax. Close your eyes, let your limbs go limp and empty your mind so you can concentrate....

Scantily clad young women. Their hair flowing. Their flesh firm and glossy. Lips soft and inviting. Eyes sparkling and begging...and those breasts...those legs....look at the nape of that neck...I can spy a tongue...

Need a moment? Clean up? How long do you need? How about two years or five years? Yeah with sex and sex, raw, bright, graphic this whole thing has lasted five years and counting...Such stamina. Such passion. Sherman's campaign during the Civil War lasted less.

William Randolph Hearst oversaw a self made publishing empire, but an empire built on the lurid yellow journalism that he perfected. Even before Hearst journalism was always the means to sales and with Hearst amidst the scandals, the slanders and the innuendo could sell better than a war?

Victoria Hearst is the patriarch's granddaughter and at the helm of an attack she began in 2012, an attack she intensified in 2015 and an attack that is still brewing in 2017. Everyday her radio spots can be heard in the largest of markets, that is New York.

Victoria Hearst labels a cash cow of her grandfather's empire and her legacy, pornographic and wants the removal of the highly hyper-successful Cosmopolitan Magazine from the checkout line to an area behind the counter, covered somewhat except for title and sold only to those of a proper age.

Ms. Hearst insists this is not a family feud and she admits she profits from the sale of magazine. Her issue is simply product placement and access. She is not seeking an editorial or style change. She is not promoting censorship. She just doesn't want children exposed to, or rather smacked in the face with, the alluring covers and salacious content. She prays for control, for adult themes to read and ogled by adults.

Patty Hearst's little sister is aided in this crusade by a number of social justice groups including the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

In a perfect world this is admirable. I do not believe in censorship but I do believe in age appropriateness. However our culture is mired: we have an internet connection on phones, our musical acts, male and female and all those in between, wear less and gyrate more than the girls of Tony Soprano's Bada Bing. We live in age when Playboy is the tamest magazine on the rack. Sex does sell and it is everywhere.

Our literature is saturated with four letter outbursts and allusions to one's junk. Art is not art anymore and well even a stance is considered not a stance...

Opponents and skeptics have attacked Ms. Hearst claiming her born again status is the root cause of this battle. What concerns me is that somehow these critics feel that a spiritual person is somehow flawed for being a spiritual person. I consider that bunk to say the least.

Others feel this is yet another sales ploy. Publicity and controversy create curiosity which creates sales. But surely the magazine is and has always been one of the most profitable without the controversy.

We live in times when everything is turned upside down. People are famous and influential for being famous. Make a sex tape and be a star. Star with a well written script and no one will hear the words. People are dumbed down spewing talking points rather than having an original thought. Selfies and postings of food are supposed to be the stories of the day.

If you have an opinion, well reasoned or even not. If others don't agree with you, you are label the foulest of things by those who are the most tolerant, intelligent and nurturing.

I commend Ms. Hearst for trying to bring some sanity to this cesspool. Cosmopolitan should continue writing and photographing and publishing what it does. It is popular and should continue to profit. However in an age where film and music are rated, it should follow the piper.

I have to say that I am against ratings but unfortunately many parents lack the brain matter or the energy to bring their children up with age appropriate entertainment which in my opinion feeds and shapes the cognitive features of a child.

Your thoughts? I'm with her. I'm with Victoria on this one.

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