Thursday, April 13, 2017

Artist Review: Gary Wray

If you don't know the name Basil Wolverton you cannot in all honesty with the straightest of studious face and smart styled eye glasses claim to have any level of literacy; or in the alternative profess any knowledge about comics.

Literacy aside of course.

Wolverton who lived from 1909 to 1978 was an illustrator and cartoonist whose career became known for stark originality and unique style thus qualifying him as an undisputed genius and legend in his time and for times to come.

As with his contemporaries, Edward Gorey and Robert Crumb, Wolverton's work is unmistakable, a landmark and highly influential. And by the way if Gorey or Crumb escape you please do the honorable thing and divest yourself of all you own and relocate under a rock.

Gary Wray is our contemporary and very much our Gorey and Crumb. He's also our Basil Wolverton having won Weirdo Magazine's ugly art contest, a Wolverton contest for those Wolverton devotees.

Be it painting on canvas or sculpture Wray art is unique and important. I happen to own many pieces, both canvas and figure and I marvel at the originality and vision. Affordable and accessible the artist's one of kind items can be found online and even on eBay and Etsy.

For full disclosure I own many pieces and even commissioned Gary to paint a portrait of my beloved cover to Corpses Don't Bleed. I do so because I am amazed by the imagination and creativity captured in each and every item.

Classic movie monsters are created with a flair, monsters of the mind are also in the lair. If you want something more than a simple action figure; if you want something to capture an artist's creative moment buy Gary Wray.

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