Saturday, June 10, 2017

Book Review: Black Pantheons: Collected Tales of Gnostic Dread by Curtis M. Lawson, Wyrd Horror, 2017, 131 pages

I have had a hard month. Despite the time etched on the calendar I have had a cold month.

I have been trying Court cases, the majority involving man's inhumanity to man; something in this dimension of space and time is all too common and all too familiar. We live in a culture of hate; what is and what many feel, with unwavering intolerance, should be.

Reality is hard and finite. Reality much of the time is cruel. There is no dream of what might be only the darkness of now.

Needing a break I was approached with a new tome; a collection of tales inspired by the cosmicism of H. P. Lovecraft. Eleven stories of wonder, including a retelling of sorts of a classic children's tale; the title -- BLACK PANTHEONS.

Curtis M. Lawson brings us 11 stories and 131 pages packed with what might be exploring the mythologies of this and other cultures all rooted in the here and now all the while transporting both the protagonist and the reader to dimensions vast and heretofore unknown.

The stories are entertaining and thought provoking; ethereal and challenging. Prepare to have your mind stretched. Prepare to have your temporal beliefs challenged. Prepare to stand in the shoes of the characters.

And by the way, you will never look at the story of "Pinocchio" the same again.

As inspired by the master Mr. Lovecraft and his mythos of long ago, this is a marvelous modern take with exploring vignettes and full blown tales that offer hope, including the horrors, that other dimensions and means are within reach.

This is new collection, published this very month and further details on its purchase and the scribe behind these tales and are contained on .

Check it out and buy his book.

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