Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To the Blog...

I discovered that my identity was stolen. I discovered it Sunday before completing this article. So I apologize for the lateness of the publish. All is calming down and I am me, solely and completely, again. And now may the show go on......

Today's title....."It's Getting Hot In Here".

The next time you read or watch the film classic CARRIE I want you to remember and ponder.

Then I want you to visit YOU TUBE.

Please then search for the much underrated paranormal series ONE STEP BEYOND; a black and white 1950s gem that both entertained and spawned wonder. It certainly was not the equal of the TWILIGHT ZONE or even THE OUTER LIMITS, but the series was solid and well executed.

In 1959 the episode titled THE BURNING GIRL hit the screen. Starring a young Luana Anders, who later became a class A scream queen and Edward Platt, who would find himself as the Chief of Control on Get Smart; the episode serves as a table setter for Sissy Spacek's prom.

The story centers on a young woman on the crest of leaving life as a teenager and entering adulthood. The story finds our heroine without a mother, a very busy and somewhat absent clueless father, who lives with his sister. And is she ever cruel.

She despises youth. She despises beauty. She despises everything she left behind in her own life, a life that certainly didn't turn out to be what she hoped for. And she despises her pretty little niece.

In response young Luana turns to fire; not with matches but with emotion. Any spike in her hormones spontaneously sets a raging blaze. She can't control it, she can certainly light up a room.

The story is simple and taken from the many cases, or lore of the day, straight from Charles Fort's collection of spontaneous human combustion tales. It is well acted and well written.

The climax is open ended and well crafted, even though you seem to be left in the middle of the tale. But this kind of an ending somewhat reminiscent of the film INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (the original of course) is effective in its own way.

Go on, give it a look. And then turn your attention to the starker vision of CARRIE whose tug of war polemic is much darker and effective.

Yes, there are parallels but they are very different. Different for their times and for their vision of what the idea would become.

Enjoy them both and light a fire under your imagination and curiosity.

Goodnight from me. The real me.

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