Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Hypocrisy Of Horror: H. P. Lovecraft

Now is the time to be intellectually honest. Now is the time to ditch the linear lizard brain logic and take a brave stand.

So how many statues have you toppled today? The hurricanes are over so I assume these are back in play. So how many plaques have you savaged or defiled?

How many social media posts, of course under an assumed name because cowardice is an easy shield, have you memorialized and immortalized, repeating what your favorite professor or mentor, told you?

Where is your statue?

Where is your plaque?

Are you going to take a selfie in front of it?

Before you do we need to discuss something. The funny thing is the vast majority of the individuals involved in this uneducated, illiterate, knuckle dragging, mouth breathing bowel movement are simply dumb as posts.


It is selective and intellectually dishonest. This movement lacks all logic save for those who crave censorship and wish to control the thoughts of the mass in a manner practiced by Nazis, Communists and Fascists.

The H. P. Lovecraft for example. He 's the darling of the horror set and the awe inspiring writer of the average millennial. They idolize them. They create magazines and e-zines and anthologies emulating his brilliance. His books are collected. Long fake intellectual tomes are dedicated to his brilliance and how he is the foundation of horror literature.

But he was a racist. He was a consistent serial racist  It is a fact that he hated and that word is HATED, all people of color; all foreigners; anyone who wasn't a blue blood New England Yankee.

You will find ti in his letters. You will find it in his fiction.

So why aren't we burning his books? Why aren't we erasing him from history?

The World Fantasy Award was changed in 2016 over this issue. The brave cowards of that pop-fest changed the award and the award's name because of this. But in their sidestep they failed to decry him.

So has S. T. Joshi who excuses the prejudice as coming from a man who was the the product of his times.

Wow, how P C. How co-existing. But can't the same be said for Robert E. Lee? George Washington? Thomas Jefferson? Christopher Columbus?

Wow, how intellectually fraudulent. How fascist.

If there is a taint here it needs to be removed just as the other taints these loud mouth morons are screaming about.

So what is the test of how perfect someone has to be to survive history? Just what is the test? If we follow the logic these linear fools follow all of Lovecraft's work need to be burned. And for that matter what about horror?

Stephen King and Robert Wandrei and Robert Bloch were fans. What about their work? Why don't we just get rid of all horror writing to be sure the racial stain doesn't bleed through?

Be consistent. Think this out. How far does this slippery slope extend. THINK!!!

By erasing history and denying man's flaws and humanity involved in history is censorship and totalitarianism. It denies intellectual thought. It denies intellectual discussion. It denies who we were and we did to become who we are.

The mistakes of the past help us navigate the future for a free people with free thought and free will.

To deny this is to be butt stupid. To deny this shows a closed mindedness ripe for overlords.

The inconsistent truth here is that you believers of this idiocy are not consistent.

So take your smug selves and burn your books.

But touch mine I will exercise my rights via the Second Amendment.

Hear that?

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