Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Death of the Bibliophile is Premature

As with vinyl records, print books are on the comeback. As with the obsession for fine vintages, old books and first editions have fueled the market making book collections as one of the top collectibles, or I should say 'investments' in recent years.

Used book stores are starting to pop up again and on-line auctions are thriving.

People have discovered through their rose colored glasses of technology that many e-books have been sanitized, and overly sanitized. These overly edited tomes were done so for political correctness so as not to offend or modern scholars have wished to tweak a plot because they obviously are such competent scribes and no better than the author what the work should say.

Many others have discovered that a purchase of an e-book through Barnes and Noble or Amazon constitutes a rental with the work disappearing from their library over time.

True, physical books can be pocketed or stolen from anyone's library. However, having a finite actual print edition does stave off the remaining e-book issues. And having the right people in one's life can stave off that pesky other issue.

No, holding an actual book in one's hands; the feel of the cover and the turn of the pages on the tips of the fingers is always mentioned as a huge turn on by readers young and old. It is the feel and smell of the leather. The cool and slick touch of the pages...No I don't need a robe and a potted plant. You get the idea.

Books are back in all styles, sizes, editions and thank God I can say that.

Hold your favorite one today.

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