Saturday, February 3, 2018

Commentary and Television Review: Please Deliver Me From This Crap; If I Were A Cryptid I Would Stay Lost Too.

FINDING BIGFOOT has been on television since 2011; yes 2011, that is seven, 7, years in all. And in all that time they have not found Bigfoot. Not a one. Not even a little one waiting on a school bus; not a one waiting on line for concert tickets.

Hair, footprints and bent branches over and over and each means nothing. Never a body. Not even a real poop; they should look at their scripts.

So how is it in this age of technology, with planes and drones and all manner of stuff have they not found anything? An ancient Mayan was recently discovered by plane. So......

Because Bigfoot doesn't exist.

But this waste of time and money does.

I watched episodes of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS. I pray the idiocy blindness I am suffering will not last. I will just make sure I stay away from the TLC Network.

These guys are barely understandable, they scream constantly over their low rent ZZTop beards, and I think the only ability they have is to find an all you can eat buffet. (Don't write in, I am well fed.)

The script and acting are horrendous and so is the shifting plot from Bigfoot, to an old Witch Entity and to keep their rip off of the Blair Witch going the macrame done with twigs.

This is the worst of the worst but certainly not the last.

These shows fill television weekends and the web with bad scripting and even worse acting. They all incorporate the same elements with close on the heel chases and a spiritual possession of one of the team members, especially one with the stupidest name.

Understand, they will never film a capture. The cryptids they never have existed and their attempt to carry their farces forth is insulting. Watch if you want, understand professional wrestling is more real and the only Jersey Devil can be found in the National Hockey League's Metropolitan Division.

If we stay away from these shows it may force the networks to come up with better programming. Oh wait, that probably won't happen there are those ghost shows.....

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