Saturday, March 17, 2018

And Now It's Time To After Radio........

And radio I have been spending time with...

My apologies for the delay but between family illnesses, my law practice which has been busier than Grand Central, storms leaving power outages, and I must admit to a romantic relationship with a wonderful woman...well I am back.

Everyone is well. The practice is still busy but I need a break. We are waiting on more storm before Spring. And while still in relationship she understands my need and obligations to write. She encourages this.

I started this draft on the 26th of February because I was getting fed up with all manner of paranormal shows. Fed up because there are never any breakthroughs. Fed up because its always the same guests with the same script and the same lame claims.

I feel as though I should be watching reruns of some television show because at least I would be entertained not strained because there is nothing new.

But yet everyone has a show to spread the Gospel of whomever they have met at some convention. I realizes genres and topics of interests are worlds upon themselves but HELP!!

Where is the visionary with a new take on an old trope? I don't mean this new trend of paranormal investigators masquerading and promoting themselves as do-gooders releasing trapped spirits toward the light. I am looking for explanations. I am looking for proof.

Where are the theories divined scientifically not "gadgetly".

Everyone has a book.That is another problem. The misinformation in this, the information age is rampant saturating the market making these shows nothing but white noise.

Everyone is an investigator with no academic credentials to aid in explanations and 'debunking'. Everyone is an expert in nothing but flim flam.

The problems fuel the illogically laden memes that stand for knowledge. Its all about the sale; of tee shirts, books, cruises, and sex.

Now many of these shows promote dating sites; yes that is what we need. We need all our flat earthers, all of our died in the wool conspiracy theorists to breed.

Internet memes are treated as reality. The state of confusion drummed up by many of these programs is ridiculous.

We are a time where technology has never been so advanced yet all we can capture and celebrate are orbs; basically dust and bugs.

We have technology and knowledge. We should have answers not strung out program after program of the same walking dead with a lot to gab about but nothing to show.

I have studied these subjects for most of life and believe me there hasn't been anything new in the past twenty years.

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