Monday, March 19, 2018

Editor's Note: Would You Just Keep Your Mouth Shut.....

I have a poem and it is titled THE ARTIST. Present it to you today with a warning...

Before the banshee calls my name
and drags me to my tomb;
Before life's chapter comes to an end
and I am cast into a dark wooden tube.
Before I am rendered into dust,
the flaking dirt of my drying husk;
I am going to stride through the fires of Hell
to study, observe and gather stories to tell;
So I can walk among you poor mortals too
and shape your thoughts and morality too.

One of the intoxicating results of seeing your name published is the belief that your thoughts and word carry weight. This is a normal narcissism worthy of Jeff Flake but please rub your eyes, believe me no one cares.

Everyone has an opinion and their opinion means more than yours. Even if you experience in a given field the individual who has lived a sheltered life in their mother's basement and only real link to the real world is social media.

Understand that for every stupid thing you post it means one less reader. Understand that if your friends think you are the best thing since Stephen King (ugh) the reflection of your writing shouldn't be television or a Wikipedia article.

I delayed my writing to live a life. Imagination goes so far. In my field I have represented murders, rapists; in other words human monsters and sociopaths. My writing reflects an authenticity; unfortunately the rabid mass ramble does not understand and the level of garbage does get thinner.

Live a life before you write. Read classics because there is no plot that is new. Stop your parade of pats on the back because those in the know are actually laughing at you.

You should be smarter than that.

Next week a book review.

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